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Junkyard Dog Industries

Specializing in vehicle stabilization and lifting, rescuer safety, and patient protection products, JYD Industries™, a Division of ESI Equipment, Inc., prides itself in arming the emergency response community with simple, lightweight and proven first-in equipment.
Specializing in vehicle stabilization, rescuer safety and patient protection products, Junkyard Dog Industries (JYD Industries), a division of ESI Equipment, arms the emergency response community with safe, simple, lightweight and portable first-in equipment. Starting with their famous Junkyard Dog Rescue Struts, which became increasingly popular over the years, we listened to our customer’s requests and added lifting equipment, gear bags, and other useful equipment to help you overcome challenges during auto extrication.
JYD Industries, a division of ESI Equipment, Inc. located in Pennsylvania, is a member of FEMSA and contributes towards the Fallen Firefighters Foundation, F.O.O.L.S. chapters, and Burn Foundation activities.
As popularity and demand increased, JYD developed a national presence and now breaching international exposure. Junkyard Dog Industries dealers are located nationwide to provide you with the quality products and services you expect.
Explore what other rescuers have discovered about JYD Industries product designs, resourcefulness, and materials are of a high standard – one we should expect in Fire / Rescue / EMS work.
Contact your quality local distributor for additional product information or schedule a demonstration and let the equipment do the talking. From all of us at JYD Industries Keeping It Simple and hoping to see you benefit from our many exciting products soon!

Why Us?

See why thousands of responders continue to choose Junkyard Dog Industries (JYD Industries), a division of ESI Equipment, for their stabilization and first-in equipment needs

 Accessible nationwide through our large Dealer Network, explore what thousands of responders have discovered about JYD Industries’ innovative product designs, resourcefulness, materials of a high standards, and dedication to equipping responders with the first-in equipment they need to face today’s new car technology challenges with ease and confidence. 

Accessible nationwide through a large Dealer Network

Uncommonly simple and proven solutions to new-car technology challenges

Simple, safe, lightweight, portable, and proven.

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