JYD Industries Life-Saver Recognition

JYD Industries has a program to recognize life-saving efforts performed by our customers while utilizing JYD Struts and Sidewinders during the extrication effort.
This recognition program will be called the “Life Saver” and will be awarded to the crew or team in actual contact with the equipment at the rescue scene.

Criteria for the award consideration will be the following:

                                 1) Use of the JYD Strut and/or Sidewinder devices in an actual emergency event where the use was a factor in extricating or retrieving the casualty.

                                 2) The use of the JYD Strut and/or Sidewinder in an unusual circumstance or emergency event that made the outcome positive.

A department is requested to submit to JYD a detailed incident report explaining how the equipment was utilized and listing the personnel involved to consider the incident worthy of recognition.  Additionally, any photographs of the incident would be helpful.  When approved the individual personnel will receive a certificate of recognition and a lapel pin indicating the Life-Saving event. Additionally, a decal will be sent to place on the apparatus that carries the JYD equipment proclaiming the Life-Saving effort.

The incident will be displayed on the JYD website and social media.

To submit a request for recognition, send to:


JYD Industries
c/o Vicky Azzara
119 Keystone Drive
Montgomeryville PA, 18936
Or email to: info@JYDind.com