Cribbing Kit #1

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Cribbing Kit Components: 

  • (x8) 4″ x 4″ x 18″ Turtle Plastic Pyramid Locking Lincoln Logs Cribbing Blocks
  • (x4) 2” x 4”x 12”  Turtle Plastic Wedges
  • (x1) JYD Industries Cribbing Bag


Cribbing Bag Specifications:

JYD Industries’ popular Cribbing Kit Bag is designed for plastic or wood cribbing can hold up to (9) 4” x 4” pieces. The three-sided bag allows quick access to the cribbing pieces and keeps them secure during transport. Two double adjustable straps with plastic clips hold the bag and contents together. A handle at the bottom front for removal from the apparatus compartment. Two small openings in the bottom corners allow moisture run-off. The Cribbing bag has a reinforced bottom for durability. You can purchase our Cribbing Kits with intentionally selected Turtle Plastic Cribbing or purchase the Cribbing Bag by itself for use with your existing cribbing. Cribbing Bag dimensions: 24” W x 11.5” H x 10” D.



JYD Industries, also known as Junkyard Dog Industries, is a division of ESI Equipment, Inc.

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