Vehicle Catch Cushion

The Vehicle Catch Cushion, manufactured by SAVA, is a device designed to bring an overturned car, with a patient in it, down on all fours with little movement. 


Vehicle Catch Cushions are heavy-duty, air-controlled, deflation devices that let allow an overturned vehicle to gently settle back down in an upright position when uprighting with a winch, crane, or recovery rotator. 100% Radio Frequency Welded Construction TPU Urethane MS4000 Specially Formulated Fabric made in the USA. Make a Complicated Extrication, Simple with Junkyard Dog Industries Vehicle Catch Cushion.


1 Cushion
1 Release Hose and Gate
3 Cam Straps
1 Thermal Cover with gated hooks
3 6’ Slings
3 Shackles
1 Carry Bag w/ Storage Pockets
1 Battery Leaf Blower


Weight: 35 lbs.
Material: 5 mil. TPU composite
Control Decent: Domestic cars and light trucks
Dimensions: 60″L x 42″H x 20″W
Anchor: 8 stainless steel D-rings for anchorage


Features & Benefits:
  • Safely lower an occupied vehicle to better access patients on the scene.
  • Dramatically reduce extrication time
  • For an injured patient, removal procedures are less likely to cause further injury
  •  Lowering the vehicle into a position that is easily recognizable and easily dealt with in the crucial time of extrication
  • Every Vehicle Catch Cushion comes with all the accessories necessary during rescue operations.


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