ZSTRUT Vehicle Stabilizing Kits

Everything you need for conventional and unconventional stabilization needs, all in one convenient kit.

ZSTRUT-Style Vehicle Stabilizing Kit #1


Everything you need for conventional and unconventional stabilization needs in one convenient kit. Whether you need to do a quick 2- or 4-point stabilization with the included Sidewinders to accomplish a partial or total lift with ease or add the Struts in conjunction with the Sidewinder to stabilize and lift for a rollover scenario. The Cleat Bases guarantee your Struts and Sidewinder grip on off-road or slippery surfaces when a scenario calls for it. Choose the type of strut system that works for you – systems are available for both the XTENDS and ZSTRUTS. Approach any scenario with confidence by arming your department with one of our stabilization Kits.



(1) ZSTRUT Strut System Kit

  • (2) Small Rescue ZSTRUTs
  • (2) Large Rescue ZSTRUTs
  • (4) Witches Hat Point Heads
  • (4) 90-Degree Heads
  • (4) Accessory Pouches
  • (4) Pickets
  • (4) Ratchet Straps
  • (4) Axle Straps

(2) Sidewinder Standard Kits

  • (2) Sidewinders
  • (2) Flat Heads
  • (2) Speedy Wrench
  • (2) Universal

(2) Cleat Bases

(1) Milwaukee Kit #2

  • (1) M18™ Drill Driver
  • (2) M18™ Lithium-Ion Battery
  • (1) M18™ 1/2” Impact Wrench
  • (1) 1/4”- 3/4″ Step Drill Bit
  • (1) AC/DC Charger
  • (1) Tool Bag


Additional Information:



ZSTRUT-Style Vehicle Stabilizing Kit #2

Part Number: JYD-ZSTAB-K2

Kit#2 Includes everything in Kit#1, PLUS x2 additional Sidewinder Kits.