Rupture Seal


Fasted Deployment Speed

Rupture Seal can be deployed in less than 20 seconds. Far faster (and cleaner) than competing products like wooden bungs or screw plugs. In the event of a leak or spill, response time is crucial to reduce environmental impact and cost of cleanup


When factoring in time of deployment, chemical and fuel compatibility and versatility when it comes to fast on-site solutions requiring little to no training. Rupture Seal clearly is the best in class for plugging leaks.


Often overlooked, after a spill is cleaned up the site of the leak needs to be cleaned up and addressed. Rupture Seal simply needs to be cut away and discarded. Competing products such as urethane objects and puddles need to be chiseled away and others require tools (and valuable time) to recover.

make it part of your spill response equipment

Enhance your safety, mitigate your environmental impact, and reduce your liability costs by being prepared when the next spill happens.